Why choose PC Gaming in 2021? 5 reasons to choose to game on a PC.

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There’s no doubt about it, PC gaming is more complicated than console gaming. Your son or daughter has asked for a gaming PC, probably due to their friends playing on their PC’s so they are hassling you to get involved. You’ve no doubt quickly looked at some websites and become overwhelmed rather quickly. You are not alone as it’s not always straight forward! Trying to figure out the next move is difficult given how undoubtedly busy you are but fear not, this guide will present the facts in a simple way to help you learn the basics to help you decide if PC gaming is the right choice

5 Reasons to choose a Gaming PC

PC Gaming is a hobby in itself. You only need to check out the 4+ million people who are part of r/pcmasterrace on Reddit. Not only are there benefits to the gaming experience by choosing to game on a PC, but your son or daughter will be able to customise their setup and learn new skills well beyond what is possible with console gaming.

The trade off is that gaming on a PC is certainly more complicated and there is a much steeper learning curve. Not only do you need to build the PC but you also need to configure the operating system (Windows 10) and configure the settings so it’s running optimally. Compare this with a console where you insert the disc or download the game from the store and that’s it… you are gaming. You may be wondering why bother? Well here are 5 solid reasons to consider PC gaming over console gaming.

  1. Your gaming PC is flexible – Are you struggling to play a game? Perhaps change the graphics card or add more memory. Fancy a change? Change your case or add some RGB LED lighting. Is your PC running too hot? Add some more fans. PC Gaming changes over time and it’s always possible to improve your setup by adding better components to improve performance or how it looks.
  2. It’s a hobby – Many PC gamers build cool looking setups with RGB lighting to impress their friends or look to maximise performance by overclocking (increasing the speed of a component such as the processor or graphics card beyond the standard specification). There is so much to learn which can open possibilities for interest within technology which ultimately could lead to future education or employment. The landscape is constantly changing with new technologies and products!
  3. A PC is not just for gaming – Your son or daughters new gaming PC will play the latest games but will also allow them to carry out their homework, get involved with creative activities such as photo or video editing, learning how to code, streaming or even just watching netflix. A PC, regardless of it’s initial purpose, is a very vesatile piece of kit which goes well beyond just gaming. By using a PC your child will learn new skills such including problem solving probably without even knowing they are doing so!
  4. Freedom of choice – Every component or peripheral you choose to add to your PC comes with choice. Sometimes the choices are overwhelming, but nonetheless you can choose what is right for you. Will you choose an AMD or Intel processor? Do you need 8gb or 16gb memory? Do you need a large monitor or one with a higher refresh rate for gaming? Will you control games with a keyboard and mouse or a controller? At every stage you can pick the right path for your needs and budget knowing that in the future your computer can be upgraded further. You may even enjoy it the process!
  5. Gaming PC’s can outperform consoles – Performance often comes at a cost, but with the choice of wide range of powerful processors and graphics cards, PC gamers can choose hardware that provides high resolution experience with high frame rates. These options can be tweaked to take advantage of the features available from the latest generation of graphics cards. Gaming is possible at 4k resolution which looks stunning, often consoles struggle to match this experience!