How to build a gaming PC in 2021 – a beginners guide

In previous posts, we have discussed why you may want to build a gaming PC, the reasons why you should build it yourself and finally the components you require. This guide will walk you through a step by step process with pictures to show you how to get your next gaming PC up and running. […]

My Kit – an example of a mid-range gaming PC for less than £1500

I’ve been asked what kit I use for the gaming PC my son and I share. This is a great example of a very capable system for under £1500. I’ve chosen these components based on value vs performance. They aren’t necessarily the best or latest components on the market but they play our favourite games […]

The new Gaming PC component shopping list

The components you need, what they do and the reasons why! A theory lesson! You’ve decided that a Gaming PC is the right choice. What components do you need to build your son or daughter their first Gaming PC? This one stop guide will lay out the essential components required to build the PC but […]