The new Gaming PC component shopping list

The components you need, what they do and the reasons why! A theory lesson! You’ve decided that a Gaming PC is the right choice. What components do you need to build your son or daughter their first Gaming PC? This one stop guide will lay out the essential components required to build the PC but […]

Why choose PC Gaming in 2021? 5 reasons to choose to game on a PC.

There’s no doubt about it, PC gaming is more complicated than console gaming. Your son or daughter has asked for a gaming PC, probably due to their friends playing on their PC’s so they are hassling you to get involved. You’ve no doubt quickly looked at some websites and become overwhelmed rather quickly. You are […]

A beginner’s guide to PC Gaming in 2021

So your son or daughter has asked for a gaming PC to play with their friends? The ParentsGuideToGaming aims to simplify the process for busy parents. Gone are the days of buying a console, inserting a disk or downloading the game from the store and simply playing. There is no doubt about it, PC gaming […]