What is the world’s most average gaming PC?

Did you know that you don’t always need to spend a fortune on a gaming PC? Sometimes it pays to look beyond the latest graphics card and processors to focus on older components that are still very relevant and able to run the latest games. PC Gamers sometimes find themselves wanting the latest hardware without […]

How do I optimise my new Gaming PC?

Now that you have set up your new gaming PC, you’ll want to ensure that Windows is set up correctly so you get the best performance possible. These easy tweaks within Windows will allow you to squeeze extra fps (frames per seconds) to help your son or daughter have the best gaming experience possible. In […]

Next steps after you have built your Gaming PC

After you have built your new Gaming PC, you’ll need to install the Windows 10 operating system so you can play games. As part of this process, you’ll learn how to create a bootable Windows 10 USB drive, download and install drivers (software which tells the hardware how to function) and ensure Windows 10 is […]

The complete £1000 Gaming PC for Fortnite and Minecraft guide

Your son or daughter wants to play Fortnite and Minecraft. You have £1000 to spend. What do you buy? The aim of this build is to provide a complete gaming PC that offers a solid 100fps experience with good quality hardware that provides a platform to upgrade in the future. A word of warning; computer […]

Should I choose Micro ATX (mATX) or ATX for my next Gaming PC?

There are 2 popular form factors for gaming PC’s; Micro ATX and ATX. I’ve been asked many times before which form factor I recommend. By making this choice, we are determining the correct size motherboard for our requirements which in turn determines the size of the case. In this article, we look at the pros […]

How to build a gaming PC in 2021 – a beginners guide

In previous posts, we have discussed why you may want to build a gaming PC, the reasons why you should build it yourself and finally the components you require. This guide will walk you through a step by step process with pictures to show you how to get your next gaming PC up and running. […]

My Kit – an example of a mid-range gaming PC for less than £1500

I’ve been asked what kit I use for the gaming PC my son and I share. This is a great example of a very capable system for under £1500. I’ve chosen these components based on value vs performance. They aren’t necessarily the best or latest components on the market but they play our favourite games […]

10 steps to convince your parents to buy you a Gaming PC

So you want to play games on a PC? You’ve asked your parents but they have flat out refused to consider it. I understand how frustrating that may be for you so I’m going to help you understand what your parents may be thinking and help you persuade them to reconsider. 1. Don’t get angry, […]

5 reasons to buy a prebuilt Gaming PC rather than building it yourself

Last time out we covered the reasons why it may be worthwhile to build your son or daughter’s Gaming PC yourself. There are a number of companies and PC builders to consider such as Overclockers UK, Scan, PC Specialist, Chillblast, AWD-IT and Palicomp. These companies will provide either a suggested configuration at different price points […]

5 reasons for building your next Gaming PC yourself

Building a PC isn’t difficult. I promise you. There are some tricky parts and you need to think ahead on a few stages but ultimately it’s a lot simpler than it looks. It’s fun too. My favourite part of PC Gaming is building the new PC and I’ll often upgrade and change bits and pieces […]