I am here to help you learn about PC Gaming

I help busy parents learn more about PC gaming by equipping them with the knowledge to identify the components and build great value gaming PC’s for their children.

How can I help you?

By using over 20 years of system building experience, I will guide you through a time-consuming and confusing process of finding the right pieces of hardware and showing you how they fit together. Use my advice to avoid the expensive mistake of buying something that is not suitable

How will I help you?

It’s a mix of understanding the requirements, helping you set a budget and knowing where to find the best individual components or pre-built Gaming PC’s. Every month I will provide advice on my suggested configurations for both self-built and pre-built gaming PC’s for different budgets. 

Use my helpful and straight to the point beginners guides to help you break through the jargon and give you the key information. If you are looking to build your first gaming PC then I will walk you through the process. I promise you it’s easy!