5 reasons to buy a prebuilt Gaming PC rather than building it yourself

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Last time out we covered the reasons why it may be worthwhile to build your son or daughter’s Gaming PC yourself.

There are a number of companies and PC builders to consider such as Overclockers UK, Scan, PC Specialist, Chillblast, AWD-IT and Palicomp. These companies will provide either a suggested configuration at different price points or allow you to pick the components and build them on your behalf. These PC’s tend to start at the entry level (£300) through to midlevel (£800-£1000) all the way up to extreme levels of performance (£2000+). There is something to suit every budget.

Today we will look at the reasons to buy a prebuilt Gaming PC rather than getting your hands dirty and physically building it yourself. Do you value the convenience of turning the PC on and playing immediately or do you enjoy the building process? Are you the kind of person who if something goes wrong, would rather the hassle of fixing it is left to someone else or do you enjoy troubleshooting? These 5 points will help you understand the benefits of someone else building the Gaming PC for you.

It will save you time – I’ve said it a number of times, parents don’t have a great deal of time to dedicate hours of time researching all of the information needed to select components and build the PC. Time is precious, we don’t get much of it as parents as something is always competing for our attention.

It’s obviously prudent to do your research to have an understanding of what is required and the use case, but buying a prebuilt PC takes away the hassle of ensuring the parts and components are compatible. These prebuilt configurations have been built many times before and work to a winning formula of selecting popular components to different price points. The biggest decision you’ll need to make is whether you prefer AMD or Intel for the CPU and Nvidia or AMD for the GPU. This will normally be driven by your budget. From there you can select a full build that’s within your budget as a starting point.

Once you have picked a suitable prebuilt configuration someone will build the PC for you and test it, making sure that everything is correctly installed, the cables are hidden away neatly and the PC is tested to ensure it boots up when you receive it. You get peace of mind and are able to spend more time gaming rather than building!

You get a warranty and extra optional services – When you buy new components for a PC, every part will have it’s own individual warranty. If something was to break then it’s down to you to figure out which component has failed through troubleshooting. This may involve having to strip the PC down, buying or borrowing a new part to verify the part you think has failed is actually the culprit, then starting a returns process with the manufacturer (known as an RMA). This is time-consuming and your PC could be out of action for weeks if that part has to be returned, checked and then a new working component is sent back to you. Your son or daughter might be out of action for weeks.

Compare that with a prebuilt and the entire build itself is covered under a warranty. If something goes wrong, you return the PC, they figure out what is wrong and will replace it for you. You may lose a few days or a week in this process but the troubleshooting is taken out of your hands and becomes the responsibility of the retailer. They will most likely carry the replacement part and they are then responsible for returning it to the manufacturer. It’s less hassle, less risk and saves you a considerable amount of time.

The PC Builder may offer additional services or level of warranty. The larger retailers may provide an option for a rapid replacement or someone coming to your house to fix the issue rather than returning it via a courier. There may also be additional services around overclocking – they extract extra performance from your components at levels deemed to be safe through their own experience or testing. This would require a lot of research and time learning how to overclock the system and ensuring it remains stable.

The configurator allows you to make changes – Once you pick a system you’ll have the option to mix and match different components within the build. You may opt to leave the CPU and GPU to the suggested configuration but may instead decide to spend more on a motherboard with additional features or a case that is nicer looking. The process tends not to be rigid instead providing you with some flexibility to choose different components and keep an eye on how your choices affect the overall the price.

An example of the Overclockers UK configurator

You can use finance – If you buy the components individually for your build then you may find yourself buying from multiple retailers. You’ll most likely use a credit card but there may not be the option to spread the cost of the components over a period of time using finance.

By buying a prebuilt Gaming PC you’ll likely have this option available which can make the payment of an expensive PC more palatable.

It may not be as expensive as you think – Many of these PC builders have been in business for many years and therefore have a winning formula. Often it will be more expensive paying someone else to build the PC for you due to their overheads of staff, tools, premesis etc but it may not be as expensive as you think.

Due to the volume of Gaming PC’s that many of these retailers sell, they will have contracts and relationships with manufacturers to allow them to buy the individual components in bulk, therefore sourcing them for less than the cost that you would be able to from other retailers. Even a small saving across each of the components may add up to a sizeable overall saving.