5 reasons for building your next Gaming PC yourself

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Building a PC isn’t difficult. I promise you. There are some tricky parts and you need to think ahead on a few stages but ultimately it’s a lot simpler than it looks. It’s fun too. My favourite part of PC Gaming is building the new PC and I’ll often upgrade and change bits and pieces throughout the year for extra performance to run the latest games or to change the look of my PC.

I’m not going to discourage anyone not to buy a PC off the shelf or pay a company to build it for you as there are benefits to do so. However, here are 5 reasons why I enjoy building my own PC and why I think you will too:

It’s great fun and satisfying – It may seem a daunting task to actually build your Gaming PC but in reality, it’s like Lego. Most of the components slot into the motherboard and can only be inserted one way. The CPU is perhaps the most daunting part of the installation as it has very delicate pins that can be bent if you aren’t careful. However, with some patience and research, the chances of causing damage is minimal. Other components such as the memory, graphics card and storage can only be connected one way round whereas the power supply connects to the motherboard with pins that cannot be installed incorrectly (unless you don’t seat it correctly, sometimes it requires some force). I have to admit, I’m a big kid at heart and putting everything together is my favourite part.

You choose what goes in to the build – By building the PC yourself you are in control of the components. A pre-built PC may contain parts you would not otherwise have selected yourself. Perhaps that retailer had a batch of graphics cards lying around that they need to get rid of? Maybe they have a deal with a particular manufacturer of power supplies? These factors could impact on the quality of your Gaming PC and by therefore picking the components yourself you don’t have to comprimise on off the shelf configurations, instead providing you with the flexibility to choose the best Gaming PC for your needs and budget.

You learn as part of the process for next time – Would you like to rely on someone else having to upgrade the PC or add additional components to it for you? By building it yourself in the first place you’ll gain an understanding of where each component lives and when the time comes you’ll have the confidence to replace it. The skills you will learn as part of the process will allow you to make those changes in the future and help diagnose any issues you run in to further down the line. This will save you money in the long run rather than having to pay someone to do it for you.

You save money – Retailers selling a pre-built Gaming PC have overheads such as staff and advertising to pay. Ultimately you will probably end up paying more than if you were to take on the labour and process of building the PC yourself. This provides you the choice of going to multiple retailers such as Amazon, Overclockers UK, Ebuyer, Scan, Currys, AWD-IT, CCL and Novatech, etc to buy the components at the best price, rather than having to use a single retailer. This will provide you access to the current best deals either allowing you to save money or allocate more of your budget towards a component that may increase your performance considerably!

It’s a great bonding exercise – Let’s not lose sight of what this blog is about; it’s helping you the parent make good decisions about providing a Gaming PC to your son or daughter. I miss the days of doing lego with my son and daughter, the iPad and their own Gaming PC’s are often more attractive than spending time with Mum or Dad. However, I’m confident that a lot of our children will enjoy the process of being involved in the building process and it will help them learn more about technology as well. Perhaps next time they won’t need your help, only your credit card when they build their next PC!